Our Story


Hello, I am Reema and I am so happy that you're here. Let me tell you how it all started. 

As a mother, I have always been curious and inspective about what my family eats. This slowly started to spread to the things we applied to our skin and before I knew it, I was checking the back labels for every skincare product that ever made it home.

Trust me I know that feeling of reading out complicated chemical names and not knowing what they are. However, I could not stop so I did my research and learnt that these harsh chemicals could only do more harm to our skin if not make it better.

This was alarming enough for me to stop everything I was doing and rethink more gentle skincare for my family. Instead of taking one step forward, I traced back a few steps. Inspired by my mother, who comes from an age old tradition of making their own bath powders and face packs at home, I was now making natural skincare for my family.




The best part has to be working with the essential oils and the aromatic experience they leave behind. It wasn't just me, my son and my brother both were obsessed with the soaps I made for them! Nature never ceases to amaze me, and I embrace its wonders wholeheartedly.

Slowly over the years, we could visibly see the difference. Our skin was so much smoother, we seldom had any itchiness and my aunt’s psoriasis was also quite under control. We just felt so much more comfortable in our own skin and that’s when our neighbours and friends started to see it too. What was next? I was now making skincare for not just my family but also our friends.

After almost seven years or more, I now want to share the same comfort and sense of well being with you all. The secret lies in the gentle power of myld skincare, where every ingredient is handpicked and every combination feels like a match made in heaven. We pour our hearts into creating each product, handcrafting them in small batches to ensure freshness when they reach your doorstep.

So, welcome to Gomyld, where we bring you the best of nature's bounty in every bottle and bar. Join us on this journey, and let's embrace skincare that not only nourishes our bodies but also uplifts our souls. Together, let's discover the true beauty that lies within.

  • Natural

    We believe in the extraordinary benefits that natural ingredients bring to our products, carefully selected for their purity and effectiveness

  • Myld

    All our products are free from harmful chemicals, allowing you to indulge in a skincare routine that nourishes and protects your skin

  • Timeless

    We find inspiration in the rich history of traditional beauty recipes and carefully select ingredients that have stood the test of time

  • Exotic

    We love new and exotic ingredients, seeking out nature's hidden treasures to deliver unique and extraordinary skincare experiences

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